The Shreader Hoodie Sweater


The Shreader Hoodie Sweater 00000

The Shreader Hoodie Sweater is hand-knit in soft, quality yarn with REAL wool. This sweater has a unique fastening method that clips on the back. This unique fastening method is so easy to do up, which if you have a dog that doesn't like wearing a coat, is very helpful. You simply slip the coat over the dog's head and then attach the straps from around the chest/belly and clip on the back.

All our sweaters offer superior warmth and comfort in the cold winter months and make your dog look uber cool.

The Shreader Hoodie Sweater features a solid body with striped trim in 4 different colours. The hoodie offers added protection from the rain. The wool protects the dog from moisture and dries quickly when wet. All our sweaters are machine washable.

Our Sweaters:

  • Minimize shedding indoors
  • Add warmth and comfort both indoors and out
  • Provides sense of comfort and protection (great for nervous dogs)
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