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We believe all dogs are unique and maybe just a little bit weird.
So we create custom-fit dog coats that protect and embrace that slightly deviant style! 

5% of all sales goes to BC SPCA

5% of all sales go to the BC SPCA

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Custom Fit Dog Coats

Get cool stuff that is custom fit to your dog, not someone else's, shipped directly to your door

Shop our full line of products including:

  • Exclusively designed water-resistant dog coats ergonomically designed, and covered in safety features for full visibility at night
  • Cozy Hand-knit dog sweaters that help keep your dog warm and toasty
  • Genuine leather hand-made collars and leashes 
  • Hand-made accessories and products for both dogs and their humans to ensure the best life for your dog

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Frustrated With Those Ill-Fitting Dog Coats?

When I first got my dog, Scout (yes, she is he namesake of the company), I bought a few of those cheap dog coats from the local big-box pet store only to find they didn't fit well, and fell apart in no time. So I started making coats that were custom-fit to Scout and provided the protection she needed for our ever changing weather conditions. In Vancouver, Canada, we get everything from extreme wind to torrential rains and snow in the winter, temperate torrential rains in the spring and fall and scorching hot days in the summer. So I started making coats to protecct Scout for every season. Our coats soon became wildly popular in our community and as word of mouth spread it was obvious I need to quit my day job and start making these full-time. And thus Scouter Wear was born.

Now we sell Scouter Wear products online, in retail stores, on etsy and at local markets. Read our Testimonials to hear what people are saying about our products.

Scout - The Dog Behind the Company

The company is named after Scout, our beautiful Porti-Doodle. Scout came into our lives in December 2015 and has blessed our world with her playful antics and enthusiasm for life ever since. Learn more about Scout and how she came to us from a puppy mill shut down by our local BC SPCA. We donate 5% of ALL our sales to the BC SPCA to thank them for saving Scout and bringing her into our lives!

ScouterWear - Dog Gear for Dog Lovers

Hand-Sewn, Professional Quality 

Our high-quality waterproof dog coats were borne out of numerous experiments with various materials, styles and features. This research resulted in a full line of water-resistant dog coats, hand-knit dog sweaters and dog accessories that are professionally and ergonomically designed, and covered in safety features for full visibility at night. All of our dog gear is made in-house, in our local Vancouver, Canada shop. We use top quality materials and hand sew and hand-knit everything. 

We are proud to offer a great line of dog coats, hand-knit dog sweaters and dog walking accessories that are made for the active outdoor and performance dog. Our dog apparel comes in 10 sizes (XXS-XXL). Our dog coats run from $69.99-$149.99 and are guaranteed to fit. Check out our Fitting Your Dog section to learn how to measure your dog to get the perfect fit.

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Coats Made for the Outdoor Performance Dog

We have two seasons of waterproof dog coats. Our winter coats are made with a highly water-resistant outer shell lined with cuddly fleece and edged with highly-reflective piping for maximum visibility. Our lighter coats are made with the same water-resistant outer shell lined with a lighter inside lining and the same reflective piping. We use fun colours and hand-sew everything in-house, right here in Vancouver, Canada. 

The Innovative Alpine Wrap Coat with or without Built in Harness

Our most popular product is the Alpine Wrap Coat which comes either with or without the built-in harness. The Alpine with Built-In Harness  has a heavy-duty sliding "D-Ring" to attach your leash on the back of the dog coat (seen on right). This innovative design eliminates the need for an additional harness to be worn.

Wrap Style Coat
Wrap Style Coat with Built-in Harness

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