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Finding The Best Coat for Your Mixed Breed Dog

By Jill Bartlett

March 22, 2023

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Do you have problems finding a coat for your mixed breed dog?

Finding a dog coat for your Mixed Breed Dog can be a big challenge particularly if it has a unique shape: A big chest and a skinny belly, or a long thin body and short little legs. You buy a coat that fits the chest but it drags on the ground. Or you find a coat that fits the chest but isn't long enough to cover the whole back.

The trick is to look for a coat that has a great deal of flexibility for sizing in both the neck and the chest girth. OK, so that might seem obvious, but there are lots of different methods to do coats up. And Velcro, which is the most common, isn't always best when used on its own as it tends to get dirty and stop working. If you can find a coat that has Velcro and an expandable belt you've got all your bases covered. The Velcro helps to keep the coat snug to your dog and the clips with expandable webbing ensure you can keep the coat done up, even with the most active play.

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