How to Measure Your Dog for the Perfect Fit

Check out the video below to see how to measure your dog. Then look at the chart to see which size you need.
Below you will find diagrams and further written instructions if you need more instruction. If you are having troubles with the measurements or having a tough time deciding what size to order, feel free to just shoot me an email.

*NOTE: In the video I measure the Neck to Withers and the Withers to Tail as separate measurements. These two measurements are added together to get the full Back Length.

Now match your measurements to this chart to determine the best size to order.

Dog Size Chart

How To Measure Your Dog for a Dog Coat

How to measure a dog for a coat

Written instructions for these measurements are below. You can download this chart to print it out by clicking this link.

Make sure you use a soft, tailor’s measuring tape to measure your dog. Do not use a hard straight ruler or carpenter's tape to measure your dog as this will give you an inaccurate measurement. If you don’t have a soft measuring tape, use some thick string to take the measurements and then mark that against a ruler or carpenter's measuring tape. 

STEP One – NECK Circumference

  • Measure around your dog’s neck where the collar normally sits.
  • Place two fingers flat under the measuring tape while doing this to get a comfortable size.
Measuring your dog Neck to Withers


  • Measure from where the collar sits to the withers. You can find the withers by drawing a line straight up from behind the front legs.
  • Make sure your dog is not twisting when you take this measurement
Measuring your dog Back Length

Step Three- Back Length

  • Measure from the Neck down to the beginning of the Tail.
    * Remember your dog's spine MUST be straight when you are measuring. If they are turning in any way the measurement will be inaccurate.
Measuring your dog Chest Circumference

Step FOUR - Chest Circumference

  • Measure around your dog’s chest at the widest point, typically just slightly behind their front legs and before where the waist starts.
  • Place two fingers flat under the measuring tape to give some room for flexibility.
  • If your dog wears a harness under the coat put the harness on and include the harness in your measurements. 

Getting the Best Fit

For most coats you can simply do the first four measurements from this chart. If you want to provide me with more specific measurements, you can provide the rest on this list.

The most important measurement for choosing your pattern is the Chest Circumference. Choose the pattern that is closest to this measurement. You can always customize your pattern to add extra back length or room around the neck. ALWAYS GO BIGGER THAN SMALLER. Because most coats have Velcro and adjustable belts you have lots of opportunity to make the coat smaller, but you can't make it bigger. 

When measuring the back length, your dog must be standing straight with his or her head up and looking forward. If your dog is lying down or sitting, their back length will be longer than their actual length. If your dog is turning to see what you are doing it will also throw off the measurement.

Measuring your dog Front Height

Step FIVE - Front Height

  • Measure from your dog’s neck (where the collar normally sits) through the front legs up to the point from where you took the Chest Circumference measurement
  • Again, place two fingers flat under the measuring tape while doing this to get a comfortable size.
Measuring your dog Chest Width

Step SIX - Chest Width

  • Measure across your dog's chest at the widest point.
  • Don't measure around the sides just to the outside point of the chest.
Measuring your dog Inner Chest

Step SEVEN - Inner Chest

  • Measure across the space between your dog's two front legs.

If you are not sure, or if your dog’s measurements fall in between the sizes, it is always best to go up to the bigger size. You can also email us to let us know about your dog’s measurements if there is a big variance and we can help you choose the best pattern to work with.

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