The Wrap Sweater Coat

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The Wrap Sweater is hand-knit in soft, quality yarn with REAL wool. This sweater incorporates a Y-shaped tummy panel that goes between the dog’s front legs, wraps around the sides and up over the back to clip using the quick-clasp on the back.

All our sweaters offer superior warmth and comfort in the cold winter months and make your dog look uber cool. Plus if you have a dog with anxieties, a wrap sweater gives the extra benefit of swaddling the dog which gives a feeling of extra security.

The Wrap Sweater features a solid body with striped trim in 4 different colours. The wool protects the dog from moisture and dries quickly when wet.

This coat is machine washable at a low temperature. Do not tumble dry.Choose from a wide selection of colours and check out the Sizing Chart and the How to Measure Your Dog graphic to get the perfect fit.

Our Sweaters:

  • Minimize shedding indoors
  • Add warmth and comfort both indoors and out
  • Provides sense of comfort and protection (great for nervous dogs)

Please allow 1-2 weeks before shipping as we produce each product by hand to keep it local. Thank you for your patience.

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