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This extra wide Yellow and Purple Slicker coat is perfect for a heavier, medium sized dog with a big chest.
It measures:
Neck = 20-22"
Chest = 21-24"
Back = 19-20"

It has a dark purple mesh lining and an uber water-resistant outer shell. There is a covered slot at the back of the neck for easy leash hook-up. This coat is so easy to do up, which if you have a dog that doesn't like wearing a coat, is very helpful. You simply slip the coat over the dog's head and the Y-shaped tummy panel goes between the dog’s front legs, wraps around the sides and up over the back to clip using the quick-clasp on the back. This unique panel is great for shorter dogs whose little bellies tend to run close to the ground or for those hard to fit broad-chested dogs. And they are perfect for the active dog that tends to get dirty as the belly is covered, but there is still enough room for the dog to go to the bathroom. At the back of the neck there is an opening for leash attachment.

Reflective piping and footprints make your dog highly visible in dark lighting conditions. Check out the video below to see the reflective piping at night.

This coat is machine washable at a low temperature. Do not tumble dry.

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**NOTE: Due to the difference in monitors the colours may appear slightly different than their true colours.

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